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Whatever issue you have with your air conditioner in Vero Beach, FL, our team at ADVANCED AIR CONDITIONING AND HEAT can take care of it all! Give us a call at 772-388-1695 to get started.

Improve the Quality of Air You Live and Breathe in EVERY Day

When it comes to indoor air quality, Advanced Air Conditioning and Heat have your back. We believe from experience and proven facts that duct sanitizing can be dangerous to your health. Your duct system should never get dirty if it was installed professionally, Also the type of filter you use is very important. We know that if your duct system has no leaks and by using the correct filter and maintaining your filter as directed by a professional then the air in your home and ducts will remain clean. If there is mold present, we can help with Whole Home Air Purification. Watch the video below to see the Reme Halo Led in action. Call us today for a free in-home evaluation.