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Can a Cloud-Connected HVAC System Ease the COVID Crisis?

One essential way to make your home both safer and more comfortable is with a cloud-connected HVAC system. The first and single most important feature of an Internet based air conditioner is that it can be controlled hands-free.

The current lockdown and virus crisis has everyone on-edge. Not only is the market turned upside-down, but millions are now challenged to stay at home, work at home, and educate their children at home as well. This is the most at-home time most of us have had since our last summer between school years. During this time of crisis and uncertainty, it has been important to have pillars to fall back on. A comfortable home in good repair is a must during this unprecedented at home event.

One essential way to make your home both safer and more comfortable is with cloud-connected HVAC. Your HVAC system controls the heat and cold in your home, as well as influencing your whole home's energy use and efficiency. We are all used to HVAC systems that require hands-on maintenance and controls, which is dangerous in times of Coronavirus. Today, we want to highlight how a cloud-connected HVAC system can help ease the COVID-19 crisis and stop the spread.


No One Touches the Thermostat

The first and single most important feature of cloud-connected HVAC is that it can be controlled hands-free. Normally, the thermostat is the hub of your HVAC where everyone who wants to change the temperature converges on the control panel. As each person uses the panel and moves on, the chance of cross-infection increases. Because COVID-19 can spread through contaminated surfaces, the thermostat is no longer a safe standard way to control your HVAC. Fortunately, you have options.

Any appliance connected to the cloud can be controlled through mobile devices, and often through smart home voice controls. This adds a hands-free element that is essential during the pandemic. Right now, businesses and services everywhere are scrambling to create a no-contact workflow, which  is exactly what your family can do with the HVAC once it's on the cloud.

Cloud-connected HVAC means that no one has to touch the thermostat. You can sanitize it once and leave it closed and secured. Instead, each person can interact with the thermostat through their own mobile devices. With the right setup, anyone in the household can set the temperature with a verbal command to the smart home. This ensures that no virus approaches or leaves your thermostat buttons.

Maintain a Safe, Healthy Temperature

The next way that a cloud-connected HVAC system can help with the pandemic is to keep the family safe at a healthy temperature. Being connected to the cloud means more than just remote on-off and temperature controls. Cloud connection means that your HVAC can now be accessed and programmed to provide you with reliable temperature control throughout the day.

This helps twofold. First, your HVAC can adapt to the heat of the day and energy saving methods to help reduce the amount of power. With smart sensors and adaptive software, your HVAC can save you more than a few worries in repairs and components along the way.

Second, a cloud-connected HVAC can help to keep the family safe. When you are sick or fighting off the risk of infection, home environment matters a great deal. Having a home between the temperatures of 65 and 80 helps to keep our sick loved ones not just at-home, but safely at home where they will be cared for. A cloud-connected HVAC can alert your phone if indoor temperatures start to become dangerously hot or cold. You can even program your wireless HVAC to maintain a range or set a schedule. With this kind of tight control, your home will maintain a comfortable temperature that is most conducive to staying healthy.

IoT Notifications for Possible Problems

With the entire family at home. HVAC malfunctions are an even bigger problem than normal. The condition of your HVAC system keeps you not just comfortable but also safe during extreme outdoor temperatures. If it is hot outside, HVAC is essential to keeping the family safely cool and not overheated. If it is cold outside, the HVAC ensures that the home stays safely warm so no one catches cold.

With a cloud-connected system, your HVAC will be more able to send warnings and errors if there is something wrong with the unit or the ducts. If your thermostat can't keep up, if a piece breaks, IoT wireless sensors can tell the HVAC software which will alert you through a phone that something needs to be repaired.

This ensures that critical failures almost never happen. Because you get a wireless warning, you have time to call a technician before your air conditioner or heater breaks completely.

Technicians Can Troubleshoot Remotely

A cloud-connected HVAC has one more unique benefit during this pandemic crisis; they can often be inspected and even fixed remotely. Because your HVAC unit and system are connected to the internet, an online technician may be able to access the diagnostic reports remotely and possibly reset the unit or thermostat when this is needed.

Being able to troubleshoot and repair an HVAC system without arriving in person is essential to COVID home safety. This way, a technician does not need to enter your home to know what is wrong and help enact a solution. Even if an in-person repair is necessary, a remote initial inspection and consultation will minimize the amount of time that everyone has to be extra careful during a technician visit.

Experience the Profound Advantages

Connecting your HVAC system to the cloud has a number of profound advantages for your home convenience, comfort, and happiness. However, during this pandemic with the risk of viral infection from any cross-exposure, cloud-connected HVAC is more than just convenient — it can keep your family safe. With contact-free controls and the ability to detect and troubleshoot the system remotely, you can use this among other tools to minimize your family's risk of infection.

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