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What can I do to prevent the spread of viruses at home?

There are three ways we recommend upgrading your HVAC system to make sure that the air you breathe inside your home is free of contaminants or toxins: maintain your system, install an air filter, and add UV lights.

The fact is that these days many people have to stay inside because of COVID-19. People were already spending 90 percent of their time indoors, and now it's even higher. That means that it's more important than ever to make sure that the air you breathe is free of contaminants or toxins of any kind. Here's some information on how to make sure that you are making the air you breathe inside as pollutant-free as possible.

Clean and Maintain Your HVAC System

One sure-fire way to make sure that the air in your home or another place of work is as clean as possible is to start with making sure your AC unit works as perfectly as possible, and to also make sure that the ducts themselves are clean.

Your air ducts can have the following contaminants in them:


Many people are allergic specifically to dust, and even if you aren't, having dust settle into your air ducts is going to slowly fill the room with it. Removing dust is key to getting clean air.

Pet Dander

Obviously this is only going to be the case if you have a pet like a dog or a cat, but it's common for dander to end up in ducts over time if you do, or if the previous owner or tenant of your current place of residence did. Allergies to cats or dogs are common, and it's especially important to rid your air ducts of this contaminant if anyone in your household is allergic.

Other Allergens and Debri

In general, the key is to get everything out of the duct that shouldn't be there. This could include dirt, ryegrass, pollen, or any other kind of substance that people can have a reaction to or that could make the air less than clean.

In general, you can call a professional and have them come and handle cleaning out your duct, which you should really do routinely. The same professional should also be able to handle evaluating your air conditioner to see if it needs repairs.

It's important that you do this regularly since any kind of inefficiency in your AC unit or extra materials in your ducts can represent a potentially serious threat to the long term safety of yourself as well as for your friends and family. This isn't a time period where you can afford to not be cautious.

Install an Air Filter

Installing a special extra in-duct air filter is also a good idea. An example is the REME-LED Air Purifier. This can help you eliminate particles of all kinds, like dust or pollen, by filtering them out the traditional way. However, on top of that, it can help you reduce-


The filter has the ability to filter out bad smells to make sure that your house continues to smell clean no matter what you have happening at the time.

Dangerous VOC's

This stands for volatile organic compounds and it refers to substances and gases that can often be dangerous when you're exposed to them. They can come from paint strippers, pesticides, cleaning supplies, fuel, and many others besides. A strong filter can help draw them out of the air so that you don't get exposed to them. This is especially important when people are spending so much time indoors due to the virus since VOCs are ten times more concentrated indoors.


If either you or a previous tenant had a habit of smoking, then this can cause problems for air quality since it tends to get in everything. This problem could also come from a previous fire. Smoke is a carcinogen, which means it can cause cancer. That's why having a filter that can eliminate smoke is so important.

A filter that's worth its cost will also have other positive options like a UV light to help eliminate other threats. It helps if a filter, like the REME, has a long use life, a long warranty like the REME's 7-year warranty, and multiple ways for eliminating threats.

Kill Viruses with UV Light

It helps to make use of UV technology, like what the REME can do, to eliminate threats like mold in the air, microbes, bacteria, and viruses. This includes viruses like the COVID-19, which makes it particularly relevant at the moment.

  • It's been known for a while now that UV light can work as a disinfectant. In fact, France used UV light to help keep water systems clean over 100 years ago.
  • It's been used all over the place to kill microscopic threats of all kinds in areas like hospitals or factories that produce food.
  • UV light essentially blasts away viruses and bacteria by damaging them from the inside, namely their nucleus, right at the center of their cells. It hits them right in their DNA, so they can't reproduce anymore.
  • The UV-C light can and has destroyed just about anything this way such as the flu. The light should also help with COVID-19 as well since it's a virus like any other at its heart.

Ideally, you should get a filter that you can put right at the point where your contaminants enter your home, in your air ducts. It should have multiple ways of ridding itself of contaminants, like traditional filters, as well as a UV light. This way, just about any conceivable threat is covered, often in multiple ways, and you're likely to get the clean air you want.

Getting Started

For more information, please make sure you go ahead and contact us today. The faster you contact us about repairs, cleanings, new AC units, and in-duct filters, the faster we can make sure that your air is made as clean and safe as possible.

This is particularly important in the age of the coronavirus considering that UV light could keep it from entering your home in the first place and even destroy it if for some reason it does. Our experts will know exactly how to help you get the work done that you need for pristine air.

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