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Air Conditioning Service in Fellsmere

Advanced Air Conditioning and Heat has been providing quality air conditioning service for Fellsmere and throughout Indian River County since 1998.

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Staying Cool in Fellsmere

The city of Fellsmere, located in Indian River County, is home to more than 5,000 people and all of these residents need their air conditioners up and running in order to remain comfortable in the steamy Florida weather. If you live in Fellsmere and you're hot due to a faulty A/C unit, we can help.

Air Conditioner Repair

When your air conditioner stops working in Fellsmere you need it repaired immediately. Hot summer nights and hotter summer days are unpleasant when your air conditioner isn't working properly, and even an air conditioner that simply isn't providing enough cold air to keep you comfortable in your home can be a real frustration. Fortunately, we can help! At Advanced Air Conditioning and Heat, we have extensive experience in repairing everything from defective AC compressors to faulty wiring.

Is your air conditioner blowing warm air instead of cold? We can help get that air cooled again!

Is your air conditioner's wiring faulty, leading to shorts or times when the air conditioner just isn't working at all? We can rewire that air conditioner and get it back in working order again.

Do you have frozen AC coils? In the hot Florida climate, you may overload your air conditioner by requesting too much of it, leading to frozen coils and, as a result, a home that grows ever hotter. We can help diagnose the problem, thaw your coils, and get your air conditioner running again.

Does your air conditioner make strange noises? There's nothing worse than an odd noise coming from one of the appliances you need most around your home--and your air conditioner is no exception. If you've noticed that your a/c is making strange noises or has an odd vibration, call us! We'll diagnose the problem and help you better understand your next steps.

Do you have a defective thermostat that prevents your home from maintaining the temperature you planned to set? When you set the temperature in your home, you want it to be at that temperature, not to fluctuate wildly. When your thermostat goes defective, however, you may struggle to keep your home set at its ideal temperature. We can fix up your thermostat so that you can set your preferred temperature in your home with confidence!

Have you noticed refrigerant leaks around your air conditioner? Refrigerant leaks need to be addressed as soon as possible, both because you don't want it leaking out into your home and because without adequate refrigerant, your air conditioner won't function the way you need it to! Contact us as soon as you notice a leak so that we can identify and address the problem before it becomes more serious.

At Advanced Air Conditioning and Heat, we pride ourselves on our reputation for fast, effective repairs. When your air conditioner stops working, you don't have time to play around--and our technicians will do their best to ensure that you aren't without your air conditioner for any longer than necessary. Often, we can make it to our Fellsmere clients on the same day they call--and that means you'll have your air conditioner back in full working order much sooner.

Annual A/C Service

In addition to our many repair services, at Advanced Air Conditioning and Heat, we'll come in and service your air conditioner each year. Annual service can help prevent a number of problems in the future--and scheduling your air conditioner service during the cooler months can allow you to take care of any problems before Fellsmere's hot summers make your air conditioner a necessity, rather than a luxury. We can:

Top off your coolant, if needed. Some air conditioner units require regular coolant refills to function at peak efficiency. We'll top off your coolant, identify any leaks, and ensure that your air conditioner will keep running smoothly.

Look for worn parts. Over time, your air conditioner wears out just like anything else. We'll take a look at it, diagnose any worn parts, and let you know when it's time to repair or replace them so that you can continue to get uninterrupted service from your air conditioner when you need it most.

Clean your unit, if needed. Every year that it operates, your air conditioner continues to accumulate dust and grime around its coils. Over time, that can cause a substantial decrease in efficiency--which means that you'll be paying more on your cooling bill every month as long as you ignore your air conditioner's service requirements. During your annual service appointment, on the other hand, we'll see to it that your air conditioner is clean and tidy so that it will run as efficiently as possible.

Financing Options

Many times, people put off air conditioner repairs or installing a new air conditioner, in spite of the fact that it's desperately needed in Fellsmere. Worse, it's impossible to predict when your air conditioner will need repairs, which can leave you with a huge expense when you need it most. At Advanced Air Conditioning and Heat, we understand just how expensive air conditioners can be. As a result, we provide financing options that will allow you to pay for your air conditioner or repairs over time, rather than getting stuck with a huge bill the moment you bring in a technician. Our financing options can give you up to 15 years to pay for your air conditioner repairs and you can have your approval in a matter of minutes.

Licensed A/C Contractor

When you hire an a/c service company in Fellsmere, you want a licensed, experienced team that knows its air conditioners and at Advanced Air Conditioning and Heat, that's exactly what you get. Our experienced professionals know how to keep your air conditioner running effectively, including exactly what maintenance it needs to run its best.

Are you having a problem with your air conditioner? Do you want to schedule your air conditioner's annual check, keeping it running more smoothly throughout the year? Contact us today to set up your appointment.

The City of Fellsmere

Fellsmere is a city located in Indian River County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1911. Over the past 110 years the population has grown to include 5,338 residents, making Fellsmere the 210th largest city in the state.

There is 1 Zip Code in Fellsmere

Click the zip code for more information.


Latitude: 27.88942

Longitude: -80.73347

Population: 7,908


Average Family Size: 4.94 people


Average Household Income: $39,683


Male: 52.6%

Female: 47.4%


Median Age: 32.5 years old

Under 10: 13.8%

10 - 19: 21.5%

20s: 10.0%

30s: 18.5%

40s: 10.4%

50s: 6.3%

60s: 14.0%

70s: 4.2%

Over 80: 1.1%

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