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Preventive Maintenance

With regular air conditioning maintenance you can prevent small issues from becoming big problems as well as ensure optimal performance of your HVAC system. We offer annual and semi-annual service agreements for your a/c unit, which can reduce or eliminate the chances of a costly repair.

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What We Do

If you want to ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long, consider the many benefits of our Preventive Maintenance plan and all that it includes.

  • Service filters
  • Check electrical components
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Run efficiency test
  • Check calibration and thermostat operation
  • Inspect safety controls (float switches) if available
  • Lubricate blower and fan motors, if accessible
  • Clean condensate pan
  • Clean and treat condensate drain lines
  • Check refrigerant pressures and temperatures
  • Visual inspection for refrigerant leaks
  • Clean outdoor coil with cleaner
  • Check U.V. bulbs

Save Money on Energy Bills

Your energy bill is likely one of the most expensive bills you pay each month, especially in the heat of summer, when your air conditioner runs hard in the effort to keep your home cooler. Did you know that you can save a substantial amount of money each month by hiring a professional to conduct maintenance on your AC unit? When your air conditioner is dirty or poorly maintained, it has to work harder to maintain your expected temperature within your home. This means greater energy expenditure for a lower output. Your unit may freeze or refuse to bring your home down to the temperature you prefer, leaving you hot and sweating even as your energy bills climb.

Proper maintenance, on the other hand, can change all of that. When you properly maintain your unit, it will run more smoothly, decreasing the energy needed to maintain the ideal temperature within your home. As you continue with regular maintenance, you'll notice a distinct decrease in your energy bills, even in the heat of summer--and that's something many families deeply appreciate. 

Extend the Life of Your Unit

Does the thought of having to replace your air conditioner fill you with fear? Worse--have you ever considered what would happen if your air conditioner stopped working in the middle of the summer, leaving you without working air? Fortunately, you can extend the life of your air conditioner with relatively little effort on your part. By simply choosing to bring in a professional to conduct maintenance on your unit each year, you can add years to its life. A professional can:

Identify little problems and fix them before they become more serious. Is your unit in danger of burning out an important part? Is something not working quite right? When you conduct annual maintenance on your air conditioner, you'll identify these problems before they become more serious. 

Keep everything running at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance doesn't just identify problems. It also makes it easier to keep up with exactly what your unit needs to run at peak efficiency, which can ultimately extend its lifespan and keep it working better throughout that lifespan. In fact, you may be able to put off repair and replacement for 5-10 years just by taking care of your unit.

Decrease the Likelihood of Breakdowns

Air conditioner breakdowns often feel catastrophic. Accustomed to climate control, you may struggle to relax, fall asleep, or even take care of your daily responsibilities while dealing with a broken air conditioner. What are you supposed to do? Often, the only answer is an emergency visit from a repairman--and, in some cases, an emergency replacement for your air conditioner. 

While maintenance won't completely eliminate the risk of a breakdown, it can do two things: first, it can reduce the likelihood of the unit breaking down, since you're taking care of problems before they get more serious. Second, it can help identify whether you are at risk for a breakdown before it happens, preventing you from being blindsided at the worst possible moment. Then, you can choose to repair or replace your unit on your schedule, rather than hoping that your repairman has an opening when you need it most. During your annual maintenance and inspection, you'll also get an idea of any potential problems with your unit or anything you can do to help increase its efficiency and extend its lifespan--all necessary additions to life. 

Improve Indoor Air Quality

A lot of air moves through your air conditioner every day--and that air has a huge impact on your family's health. Poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory problems, increased illness, and a host of other problems for your family. When you conduct regular maintenance on your air conditioner, on the other hand, you significantly increase the quality of your indoor air. 

During your maintenance and inspection, the repairman will take a look at your unit. If it's dirty or mold has built up, that can be removed on the spot. This will make the air that circulates through your home cleaner, improving your family's overall health and comfort. By conducting this type of maintenance annually, you can keep your family healthier. In some cases, maintenance on your unit can help make your home smell better, getting rid of that lingering musty smell or removing that damp aura from the air. 

Industry Experts

Are you ready to start taking better care of your air conditioner, including the regular maintenance that will keep it running smoothly, improve your indoor air quality, and decrease the likelihood of breakdowns when you need them least? Call (772) 388-1695 or send us an email to get started with your preventative maintenance plan.

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