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REME-LED Air Purifier

At Advanced Air Conditioning and Heating, our mission is to keep your home as comfortable and safe as possible. To help us reach that goal we proudly install RGF Environmental Group's products including the REME HALO-LED Whole Home In-duct Air Purifier. We stand behind this unit because ultraviolet (UV) light has been proven to kill viruses and to purify the air.

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UV Light May Help Keep Us Safe

UV light has long been used for sanitizing surfaces to prevent viruses and germs. As a WebMD Post reports, the COVID-19 pandemic has put UV in the spotlight. COVID-19 is such a young strain of coronavirus, that the verdict is still out regarding proof of what works most effectively to destroy it, but UV light has been used successfully to stop the spread of other forms of coronavirus. Though there is currently no guarantee that UV is a definitive weapon against this new, novel coronavirus currently threatening us, the fact that UVs sanitizing effect against similar viruses has been documented is encouraging.

In any case, keeping our respiratory systems healthy by breathing cleaner air could fuel our resistance to infectious agents and spur our ability to recover quickly from viral infections. The initial results of research show great promise toward determining whether UV could be the key we need to conquer COVID-19. Unfortunately, research at many facilities was stalled due to preventive measures of isolation enacted, ironically, to limit spread of the virus.

What Exactly is UV Light?

UV light is similar to visible light, but has different wavelengths that make it invisible to us. UV light is divided into 3 categories according to its wavelength. The UV light we absorb from the sun helps us produce vitamin D, but can also cause sunburn. Care must be taken when using UV for other purposes also. UV air cleaners contained within HVAC systems are innately safe. Care must be taken when using UV stand-alone units.

  • UV-A is not absorbed by the ozone layer.
  • UV-B is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer; some reaches the earth's surface.
  • UV-C is completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere.

UV Light as a Disinfectant

As long ago as 1908, UV light was used to purify public water systems in France. For many years, UV has been used to treat tuberculosis and to disinfect areas within hospitals and food processing plants.

Stand Alone UV Air Purifiers Versus HVAC System Units

UV-C is the type commonly used in stand-alone air purifiers, and in units contained within HVAC units. Those incorporated in HVAC units, which treat and clean the air as it passes through the light, are mentioned by the EPA as more effective than stand-alone UV air purifiers, as the lights alone cannot trap or remove harmful particles like dust and allergens from the air.

How Does UV Light Kill Viruses and Pathogens That Cause Disease?

UV light scrambles and damages the nuclear material of viruses and bacteria. The high frequency waves damage the DNA and RNA nuclear material, causing mutations that are lethal. The organisms lose their ability to reproduce properly. Scientists say they know for sure UV can kill many viruses, including flu. It should kill the coronavirus, though it hasn't been effectively tested for a sufficient time period to offer a definitive conclusion.

About the REME HALO-LED Whole Home Air Purifier

This REME HALO-LED product makes use of RGF's PHI and REME features for unsurpassed air purification. The product's unlimited cycling ability allows it to turn on and off with the home or business' HVAC system for high level effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Reduces the amount of surface and airborne mold, bacteria, microbes and viruses in your home, for a safer, healthier environment, to help keep you and your family, or customers and employees of your business, well and thriving.
  • It eliminates smoke, allergens, particulates, dust, odors, and VOCs.  
  • An HVAC contained unit like the REME HALO-LED offers the advantage of safe operation and purification of and entire home or business building simultaneously, as opposed to potential risk and limited coverage of a stand-alone UV air purifier.


  • A long-life (and a replaceable LED cell module if that should become necessary).
  • An advanced type of LED technology that is a vast improvement over mercury vapor UV lamp technologies.
  • The unit is mercury and ozone-free.
  • The entire assembly is covered by a 7 year warranty.
  • The innovative, industry first, washable, zinc-enhanced catalyst is a boon to cigar businesses, smoking rooms and other high processing requirement environments.
  • The 24 VAC/DC input includes a 24 VAC transformer.

Technology Details

  • This air purifier conforms to UL Specifications.
  • It utilizes REME-LED technology and cell replacement is recommended every 4.5 years.
  • The probe measures 11 inches and the plate 6.5 inches by 7.5 inches.
  • The unit's ship weight is 6 lbs. In the U.S.
  • The ballast is warranted for 7 years, the LED cell for 4 years.

Let Us Help You Stay Safe

Thanks to newly developing technology, ultraviolet light can now be easily utilized to sanitize the air we breathe at home and at work. Though more research is needed to determine whether UV light can effectively conquer COVID-19, it has proven effective for purifying air of other contaminants that might weaken respiratory systems.

Call (772) 388-1695 to ask how we can help.

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