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Welcome to the Evolution of Clean Air

Whole Home In-Duct LED Air Purification System

Introducing the first whole home in-duct LED air purification system. The all new HALO LED verified zero ozone by ETL Enertech with REME LED technology, a proprietary patent pending replaceable, low energy ultra long life LED array with an up to five year cell replacement.

For energy savings and to extend the life of the cell the unit turns on and off with the HVAC blower. The HALO LED proactively purifies every cubic inch of air conditioned space, clearing your home with airborne and surface contaminants. The HALO LED easily installs into your existing HVAC system. When the blower turns on, it activates the unit producing ionized hydro peroxide molecules that are distributed into the entire airspace of your home, not just one room.

Every time a hydro peroxide molecule comes into contact with contaminants, it quickly breaks down and destroys them, restoring the air to its clean natural state. The system also uses positive and negative ions to charge the air causing dust dander, pollen, and other particulates to stick together, making your existing air filter equipment more efficient at capturing these particles and with its revolutionary ultra long life UV LED technology, the HALO LED will purify the air you breathe for years to come.

Product Firsts

Welcome to the evolution of clean air with the HALO LED, the first whole home in-duct LED air purification system featuring these product firsts:

  • First product ever validated ozone free by ETL.
  • First of its kind mercury free in duct air purifier, that completely eliminates mercury disposal into the environment.
  • And first to market the energy saving on-off cycling ability.

Powered by REME LED Technology

The HALO LED is powered by REME LED technology, a proprietary field replaceable patent pending low energy ultra long life LED array with an industry leading up to five years, cell replacement and it's unique, unlimited cycling capability is designed to turn on and off with the HVAC blower without causing any detrimental effects to the light source unlike conventional UV lamps, which must continuously remain on.

Additional Features of the All New HALO LED

  • Zinc enhanced hybrid hydrophilic catalyst, patented PHI cell and REME catalyst technologies to release active hydro peroxides into the air.
  • A unique washable ceramic catalyst that destroys VOC's two times faster and also allows for installation in high smoke and particulate environments.
  • An RGS patent pending automatic self-cleaning bipolar ionization system. This system features high output bipolar ionizers that charges the air with negative and positive ions, which reduce airborne particulates and completely integrated multi tip carbon fiber brushes, which automatically self-clean making them completely maintenance free.

By combining REME LED technology with RGS proven PHI cell technology. The all new HALO LED provides the most advanced in-duct whole home air purification systems on the market today.

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